IVUmed Team Returns to Trinidad for Pediatric Workshop

Trinidad 2016_1

From Left to Right: ?, Dr. Barbara Rampersad, Dr. Janelle Fox, Dr. Pierre Williot

An IVUmed team of volunteers just returned from a very productive week-long pediatric workshop in Port-of-Spain, Trinidad.   The workshop’s primary focus was on Hypospadias repair, but also addressed several other issues requested by our partners in Trindad.  The IVUmed team of volunteers included Dr. Pierre Williot (pediatric urologist), Dr. Janelle Fox (pediatric urologist), and Dr. Kevin Healy (pediatric anesthesiologist).  Dr. Barbara Rampersad, a pediatric urologist based in Trinidad, was a wonderful host and organized the workshop which was held at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex.

The week in Trinidad was an excellent example of putting IVUmed’s motto of Teach One, Reach Many into action.  IVUmed volunteers provided both hands-on training and several related lectures.  The following list is a summary of lectures:

  • Patient Safety Issues (by Dr. Janelle Fox)
  • Orchidopexies (by Dr. Janelle Fox) + 2 live laparoscopic orchidopexies with a video/audio link to the amphitheater.
  • Investigation of a Child with Ambiguous Genitalia (by Dr. Pierre Williot)
  • Pediatric Urologic Emergencies (by Dr. Pierre Williot)
  • Regional Anesthesia for Pediatric Surgery (by Dr. Kevin Healy) – presented to the Anesthesia Department

The combination of cases and presentations was very instructive for the participants and there is strong interest to return next year to continue training.   Thank you to our IVUmed volunteers and Dr. Rampersad for ensuring a successful workshop!

Trinidad 2016_2

Dr. Janelle Fox presenting to workshop participants.

















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Resident Scholars, Dr. Huang and Dr. Peyton, Report on India Urology Camp

Resident  Scholars:  Jonathan Huang,MD – Emory University; and Charles Peyton, MD – Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Location/Date:  Ajmer, India; December 17-21, 2016

Mentor: Gopal Badlani, MD – Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center

Sponsored by:  The Southeastern Section of the AUA and the India Urological Society

Extract from Dr. Huang’s Report

“This past December, I had the wonderful privilege of partnering with IVUmed and Dr. Badlani to participate in a urology camp at Ajmer, India.  This week was definitely an eye-opening experience for me. There are three main lessons that I learned: 1. There is a tremendous need for medical and surgical care abroad 2. It is often necessary to be creative in order to utilize what is available to complete a case. 3. It is important to be open-minded and to often go with the flow. IMG_4052

During the camp, I participated in over 50 cases. Most of these were endoscopic operations, including TURP, TUIBN, and cystolithopaxy. Additionally, we repaired vesicovaginal fistulas, placed mesh slings for incontinence, repaired hypospadiac patients, and performed bilateral simple orchiectomies for androgen deprivation in the setting of prostate cancer.  The first case I participated in was a TURP. With the resectoscope in place and as we were about to begin resecting, the room became pitch black – the electricity had stopped. However, instead of there being a chaotic panic, the staff quickly addressed the issue and the electricity resumed within minutes.

In participating in the IVUmed urology camp in Ajmer, India, my goal was to provide surgical care for a patient population in need. I do believe that we accomplished this task. However, I think that I benefited the most from this exchange. This week opened my eyes to the incredible amount of healthcare need in India and across the globe. As physicians, we have the unique opportunity to enter many different regions in the world to provide aid and a voice for those who are less fortunate. Together, we can truly make a positive difference. In the future, I would definitely like to participate in similar camps abroad.”

Extract from Dr. Peyton’s Report

“Never in my life have I felt the joy of service more than India. Upon entering facility it became clear that we would be operating well outside of my comfort zone, which was a welcomed challenge. The week was organized as a “urology camp” with about 110 pre-screened patients scheduled for surgery within the next 4 and a-half days.  IMG_3892

Our OR was equipped with two basic tables and endoscopic towers. The most common operations were transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP), direct visualization incision of the urethra (DVIU) for stricture disease, vesicovaginal fistula repair, and cystolitholapaxy for bladder stones.  On day one, I made multiple requests for items that were simply not available. This challenged us to work within our limitations and enhanced our surgical skills. To cope with these operative limitations we were forced to perform at the highest standard of technique in an efficient and safe manner.

The teaching opportunities were abundant throughout our operative days. I found myself in daily conversations regarding urologic practice patterns and operative technique differences between our two countries. Our training in the U.S. is vastly different and we often overlook the basics due to our significant surplus of resources. I found myself being re-taught concepts that I tend to take for granted in the U.S.

The counter story is just as important, as much as I learned from Dr. Ajmera, I hoped to have left his general surgery residents with a good foundation for urology. I spent time everyday teaching the general surgical residents how to think through urologic problems both clinically and operatively. Furthermore, the residents had limited experience with more advanced imaging such as CT and MRI. For the few patients that had these studies done, we spent time reviewing the images and how to interpret the information.

Never have I felt so appreciated as a physician. Even if they were hurting, no amount of pain would allow them to look beyond how lucky they felt to be receiving treatment. Overall it was a trip of a life time and I am so thankful to have been given the opportunity through IVUmed. It has encouraged me to seek out other international opportunities in the future and perhaps return to Ajmer, India again.”  IMG_4055


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Resident Scholar, Dr. Huynh, Travels to Pune and Bhopal, India

Resident  Scholar:  Danny Huynh, MD; University of Missouri-Columbi

Location/Date:  Pune and Bhopal, India; December 14-23, 2015

Mentor: Sakti Das, MD and Sanjay Kulkarni, MD

Sponsored by:  The South Central Section of the AUA

Extract from Dr. Huynh’s Report:

“My trips to Pune and Bhopal gave me two very different perspectives on medical care in India but the underlying theme of quality care for patients was the same. Huynh27My trip to India began in Pune at the Kulkarni Endo Surgical Hospital, owned and operated by Dr. Sanjay Kulkarni and his wife. The stricture disease encountered in this hospital are incredible.  Their urethroplasties appeared almost effortless, especially as Dr. Kulkarni finds a teaching opportunity in every step without missing a beat in the procedure. Dr. Kulkarni’s focus is on providing the highest level of care for all his patients and educating everyone around him. Everything else comes second.

The second part of my trip took me to Bhopal, India for the 79th Mega Free Urology Camp. This camp is well orchestrated to bring people from impoverished communities throughout India to Bhopal where they can receive free Urologic care, lodging and food. Preoperative planning and admissions started weeks before our arrival and postoperative recovery continued days after we left, including arrangements for long term follow up at future camps. Despite the hectic pace, Dr. Das, Dr. Singh and the local Urologists took time to walk me through the setup and showed me new techniques. Before I knew it, I was fully immersed in the OR rotation despite the language barrier.

My IVUmed focus of providing health care to those in need was accomplished and the process was incredibly enriching, personally and professionally. During my medical training, I’ve been reliant on the equipment and resources of large Western hospitals so it was enlightening to see what the physicians of India were doing with far less. The humanitarian efforts of my mentors are admirable and life changing to the patients they encounter. The opportunity to participate in this IVUmed excursion has been one of my most rewarding and memorable experiences.”Huynh31

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IVUmed and Caldera Medical Partner to Reach One Million Women

Caldera Medical_Logo Positive_Two Color_LargeCaldera Medical and IVUmed today announced their partnership to eradicate the incapacitation and suffering of women with Stress Urinary Incontinence (SUI) and Pelvic Organ Prolapse (POP).

Caldera Medical, a medical device company, develops differentiated surgical implants for the treatment of SUI and POP. “Millions of women in poverty-stricken countries are incapacitated by incontinence and/or prolapse and are not receiving the care they need,” stated Bryon L. Merade, Chairman and CEO, Caldera Medical, adding, “teaming up with IVUmed to eliminate the suffering of women with SUI and POP will enable us to fulfill our mission of improving the quality of life for women.”

“Caldera Medical is a great partner and this partnership reflects our desire to collaborate with companies that share our vision of making quality urological care available to people worldwide. This partnership underscores our commitment to Teach One, Reach Many and the impact that each of our volunteers and donors has on the world,” said Dr. Kurt McCammon, Chief Medical Officer, IVUMed.

IVUmed will coordinate humanitarian trip logistics and workshops to train local surgeons with support from Societe Internationale d’Urologie (SIU). Caldera Medical will sponsor skilled American surgeons to provide the best available treatment to underprivileged women. In addition, Caldera Medical will donate surgical implants and provide reusable introducers during humanitarian trips. The partnership has been formed to work together in alleviating one million women suffering from SUI and POP by 2025.

IVUmed’s women’s health program focuses on female urology, with an emphasis on incontinence. Treating incontinence is one of the most important steps in returning women to safe, productive lives.

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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.