Upcoming Volunteer Opportunities

Join us in our mission to improve urological care throughout the world. Our Teach One, Reach Many mission gives you the opportunity to mentor, teach, and connect where your skills are needed most. Volunteer and remember why you went into medicine.

How to Apply

  1. REVIEW.  Review the available volunteer opportunities below and identify an opportunity that matches your availability, interest, and skills.
  2. APPLY.  Complete and submit a volunteer application form along with your CV and let us know which specific opportunity you are interested in.
  3. MATCH.  IVUmed staff will confirm the site needs and availability and begin planning logistics.
  4. GO.  Travel to your life-changing volunteer assignment in Africa, Asia, or Latin America.

Student or non-medical professional? Click here for more information.

*Nurses:  we have funding to support a few nurses for some of IVUmed’s larger pediatric trips.  If you are able to self-fund, you could also be considered for most of our other trips as well.

Upcoming Workshops Workshop Date Focus Positions Available
Senegal November 16-25, 2018 Female Urology Team Full
West Bank Fall 2018 Reconstructive, Oncology TBD
Ethiopia November 2018 Pediatric Urology Urologists
Rwanda Nov 29 - Dec 7, 2018 Urologic Oncology TBD
India December 6-16, 2018 Female/General Urology Urologists
India Jan/Feb 2019 General Urology Urologists
Senegal January 13-26, 2019 Reconstructive Urology Urologists
Ghana February 8-17, 2019 Pediatric Urology TBD
Sudan February 9-16, 2019 Reconstructive Urology TBD
Trinidad Feb/March 2019 Reconstructive Urology Urologists
Vietnam March 15-31, 2019 Reconstructive Urology TBD
Cote d'Ivoire March 16-30, 2019 Reconstructive Urology TBD
Rwanda March 2019 Pediatric Urology Anesthesia
Haiti March/April 2019 Reconstructive Urology TBD
Haiti March/April 2019 Female Urology TBD
Senegal April 13-20, 2019 Pediatric Urology Urologists, anesthesia
Mongolia April/May 2019 Laparoscopy/Oncology Urologists
Rwanda June 2019 Reconstructive Urology TBD
Mexico Winter 2019 Female Urology TBD
           Resident Scholars        
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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.