Pediatric Urology Workshop in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam
July 24-29 , 2023

IVUmed in partnership with Children’s Hospital #1 will be conducting a Pediatric Urology Workshop July 24-29 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and we need your support!

Congenital anomalies of the genitourinary (GU) tract, are 5–10 times more common than cleft lip and palate, however the number of physicians or healthcare providers trained to treat these conditions in low and middle income countries is alarmingly small.   IVUmed will be partnering for the first time with urologists at Children’s Hospital #1 in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to establish a Center of Excellence for pediatric urology care in Vietnam. 

Team members for this workshop include team leader, Dr. Danielle Sweeney, Executive Director of IVUmed, and team members, Dr. Vani Menon, Pediatric Urologist from Dell Children’s Medical Center, Dr. Christina Ho, Pediatric Urologist from Children’s National Medical Center, and Dr. Dan Vuong, Pediatric Anesthesiologist from Children’s National Medical Center.  They will be working closely with long time IVUmed international partners Dr. Anh Dao Nguyen and Dr. Hung Le Thanh from Children’s Hospital #1.  The team will be conducting lectures and training seminars to healthcare providers and medical trainees as well as providing life altering surgeries and care to children in need.

IVUmed’s origins are rooted in the goal of increasing access to pediatric urology care by growing the local pediatric urology workforce.  With experts like Drs. Sweeney, Menon, Ho and Vuong and partners like Children’s Hospital #1 our hope is to build healthcare capacity in Vietnam so any and every child with urologic issues can access care in their home communities.

Your support will help us continue with our mission of increasing access to quality urologic care worldwide. 

International Volunteers in Urology (IVUmed) is a nonprofit with a 26-year history of closing the global urologic health equity gap by providing urologic medical care, education, training, and research mentorship to low resource areas globally.  We provide medical and surgical education to physicians and healthcare providers and medical treatment to thousands of children and adults.  Our mission is to make quality urological care available worldwide.

Teach One, Reach Many.