What We Do

Thanks to a global network of volunteer experts, host partners, academic institutions, and generous supporters, we work to increase access to quality urological care in medically underserved areas of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Each year, we serve hundreds of children and adults in need while training local doctors and nurses. The training we provide helps ensure that future generations will have access to the life-changing surgical care they need to lead healthy, productive lives.

Surgical Teaching Workshops

IVUmed volunteer doctors and nurses train their counterparts in teaching hospitals in Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean.

Resident and Fellow

Urology residents and fellows can apply for travel scholarships to join an IVUmed team for a 1 to 2-week global surgery experience.

Research and Impact

We measure the impact of our work and partner with our host physicians on research projects. Global health students can apply for scholarships to participate in projects.

Global Urology

Organizations, departments, and individuals working in global urology are invited to partner or collaborate with IVUmed to advance our missions together.

Who We Are

IVU is committed to making quality urological care available worldwide. In fulfilling this mission, IVU provides medical and surgical education to physicians and nurses and treatment to thousands of children and adults.

Teach One, Reach Many. IVU’s motto reflects the impact that each of our volunteers and donors has on the world. Each person we train has the potential to reach hundreds, even thousands, of children and adults in need. That is the power of your support. Together, we build something that continues beyond the bounds of each individual’s efforts.

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Where We Work

We partner with dynamic surgeons in teaching hospitals in low-resource areas of Africa, Asia, and the Caribbean. Overall, we have worked in over 30 countries worldwide to build access to quality surgical care.

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Upcoming Volunteer

Learn more about how you can help advance our mission and Teach One, Reach Many. We organize 25-30 surgical training workshops that cover most urological subspecialties. Get involved today.

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“When I reflect on my time in Bhopal, it shines as one of the purest surgical experiences of my life. I will be forever grateful to IVUmed, its donors, and my mentors in Bhopal for an eye-opening experience.”

Eugene Cone, MD


“While this was my first global health mission, it certainly will not be my last. The people I met and the experiences I had in Mongolia have made an everlasting impact on my life.”

Jennifer Lovin, MD


“I’ll keep this experience with me as I navigate my own career and seek out similar service opportunities in the future. I have experienced no better way to feel a true sense of purpose as a surgeon.”

Andrew Eschenroeder, MD

“Seeing the smiles on the faces of these young boys that we have given a new life to is overwhelming. These are the kindest families who are so thankful”

Katrina Zeigler, RN


“This was an incredible experience. The need was so great and the local team so enthusiastic and excited to learn. I wish I could have stayed for longer and wish I could go back a few times a year!”

Molly Elmer-DeWitt, MD


“I really loved the “teach one, reach many” mentality that prevailed throughout the workshop. Even in a few days it was great to see the local surgeons’ and residents’ skills grow and interest in minimally invasive surgery increase.”

Alex Small, MD

“This trip definitely changed the course of my career forever. I can’t wait to visit more countries
and would be honored to do so through IVUmed.”

Matthew Smith, MD


“IVUmed should be congratulated on their continued commitment to providing valuable care to those who need it most. Their mantra ‘Teach One, Reach Many’ remains an important consideration as we forge ahead, seeking ways to collaborate with those less fortunate.”

Christopher Doiron, MD


“I recommend this experience to every urology resident. It’s more than a surgical experience, it’s a humanitarian opportunity that broadened my cultural awareness and motivated me to pursue similar experiences in the future.”

Vanessa Ortiz, MD


Safety Update Regarding Current Events

The safety of our volunteers is our top priority. Our work requires long-term efforts from our host partners and countless volunteers. At times we must, unfortunately, pause our work in sites where political or environmental conditions have become dangerous. We remain...

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IVU is committed to making quality
urological care available worldwide.