As of August 17, the earthquake in Haiti has affected 1.2 million people. In a country that already suffers from a lack of doctors, this equates to an increasingly dire situation. IVUmed has partnered with Haitian healthcare providers for nearly 20 years. We’ve led 23 training workshops in the country since 2002, focusing on empowering locals and bolstering the Haitian healthcare system.

Through the COVID-19 pandemic, our Haitian partners have dutifully attended our Virtual Visiting Professor workshops, amid growing gang violence and frequent connectivity barriers. Our colleagues in Haiti are a constant source of inspiration: their dedication to their patients, their determination to advance their surgical skills despite barriers, their seemingly constant good spirits.

We are deeply concerned about the situation on the ground in Haiti. As an organization focused on surgical training, we’ll continue serving our partners in this capacity. UNICEF, Project Hope, and Hope for Haiti are among many organizations offering urgent hands-on support and resources to the Haitian people during this difficult time. We ask you to please consider supporting the Haitian people.