Dr. Joseph Costa has volunteered with IVUmed for almost ten years and has focused his service on teaching urologists in Haiti. Dr. Costa says that over the course of six years he watched surgeons in Haiti progress to skill levels equal to fellowship trained surgeons in the U.S.

Dr. Costa specializes in neurourology & reconstructive surgery at University of Florida Health. He is a professor in the Department of Urology, Assistant Dean for Clinic Informatics, and Clerkship Director. He also serves on IVUmed’s Board.

Dr. Costa says that he is most moved by the patients he works with during workshops. “When you meet a woman who has leaked urine from her body and soaked her clothes for the past 15 years and is afraid to interact with anybody in her society, and through a relatively simple surgery, you fix that, you’ve just changed her whole outlook on life and what she does and what she’ll do forevermore,” Dr. Costa said. “You can’t put that in a bottle and sell it. It’s just the best thing there is.”

In April 2020, he will lead his next workshop at IVUmed’s newest site in Kingston, Jamaica. The workshop will focus on female urology, a high priority topic for our Jamaican partners.

We are grateful for Dr. Costa’s continued service with IVUmed and look forward to helping him continue to Teach One, Reach Many.