Today, we’re honoring Scott Eggener, MD.

Dr. Eggener specializes in caring for patients with prostate, kidney, and testicular cancer. His research, focused on urologic cancers, has resulted in more than 200 publications. Beyond this, he’s a dedicated IVUmed volunteer and currently serves as our Board Secretary.

Dr. Eggener has volunteered with IVUmed several times. He first got involved with IVUmed as a Resident Scholar close to 20 years ago. He’s been involved with and passionate about IVUmed ever since. “There are so many things about IVUmed that get me excited,” Dr. Eggener said. “It’s really in its purest form what most of us went into healthcare, medicine, and surgery for.” He added that he truly values the educational component of IVUmed and the opportunity to meet people benefitting from his services.

He first served in a leadership role during a workshop in 2011 in the West Bank, where he has returned several times. “There’s nothing more exciting than hearing about a local surgeon who’s using a new technique or teaching their residents, or spreading the word and able to take care of more people in their community,” Dr. Eggener said.

Creating connections is another highly rewarding aspect of IVUmed workshops. “There’s a bit of a kinship around the globe where even if you’ve never met someone, you spend your working hours doing the same thing, so there’s a common language,” he said. “Part of the fun is being able to forge relationships with local surgeons where they become colleagues, friends, and partners trying to provide quality care in their communities.”

We are very grateful for Dr. Eggener’s service with and generosity towards IVUmed. Volunteers like him ensure that we are able to Teach One, Reach Many.