IVUmed’s work in Uganda is centered at Mulago Hospital in Kampala, the primary teaching hospital in the country.  By working at teaching facilities, volunteers have the opportunity to train the trainers and impact the next generation of urology residents.  This setting also creates an ideal opportunity for selected IVUmed Resident Scholars to interact with Ugandan residents, experience a new side of urology, and better understand the limitations of medical resources that exist worldwide.


Starting Year 2010

Population (mil) 35.9

Doctors/1000 People 0.117


Female Urology

Pediatric Urology

Resident Scholar


Urologic Oncology



“What I was most impressed with is how Ugandan urologists do so much with so little. They treat a very wide range of diseases, similar to what urologists treat in the US, but with fewer tools at their disposal…They are truly remarkable surgeons and people, and I have been blessed to learn from their skill, creativity, positive attitude and friendship.”

John Mancini, MD
Resident Scholar, Uganda  2012

IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.