Starting Year 2010

Population (mil) 1.39

Doctors/1000 People 0.16


Resident Scholar

Adult Male Circumcision


“Three flights, six time zones and thirty-six hours later, I finally found myself on solid ground in the Kingdom of Swaziland.  It was hard to imagine that this small, land locked country in Southern Africa was the epicenter of the HIV/AIDS pandemic.  The HIV rate is the highest in the world and affects almost 30% of their population.  What I also learned in the few weeks prior to my departure was that Swaziland had one of the lowest rates of male circumcision (MC) in Africa.  Backed by three large randomized control trials, which suggested a protective effect of MC, I found myself in the heart of rural Africa on the front lines trying to combat one of the deadliest viruses known to man.”

Shawn Wason, MD
Resident Scholar 2010

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