Sierra Leone

IVUmed’s urology outreach to Sierra Leone was initiated through a partnership with Sunny Mante, M.D. of Accra, Ghana, and a generous grant from Johnson & Johnson.  Dr. Mante’s efforts have focused on training for surgical treatment of hydroceles resulting from Lymphatic Filariasis (LF).  His efforts will continue throughout the next year with additional workshops in East and West Africa.

Sierra Leone

Starting Year 2011

Population (mil) 5.5

Doctors/1000 People 0.016



LYMPHATIC FILARIASIS (LF) is a parasitic disease transmitted primarily through mosquitoes. The Carter Center estimates that 120 million people are infected with LF and another one billion people worldwide are at risk of infection. LF’s most pronounced symptom, elephantiasis involves extreme swelling of the lower extremities, including hyrodcele, which requires surgical repair.

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