In a country that predominately holds to a nomadic lifestyle and where horses outnumber humans, surgical care is difficult to obtain.  As local surgeons advance and fine-tune the basic skills taught to them by IVUmed volunteers over 10 years, the focus has now turned to complex pediatric and adult conditions such as strictures, cancer, and advanced laparoscopic work.


Starting Year 2002

Population (mil) 3.2

Doctors/1000 People 2.763


General Urology

Pediatric Urology

Urologic Oncology

Reconstructive Urology

Resident Scholar



“Though I am Mongolian I have never fully understood how the Mongolian medical system works especially when the country is going through major changes today. It was very educational for me to learn from the mongolian doctors, and nurses about the current situation and what’s needed to bring major changes into the medical system there and improve.”

Odgerel Badamjav, Volunteer Translator
Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 2012 

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