Kenya has fewer than 30 urologists in a country of over 41 million people.  By participating in the annual meeting of the Kenya Association of Urologic Surgeons, IVUmed volunteer specialists are able to work with nearly all urologists in the country at one time.  During a one-week intensive training, they focus on specific areas of urology, including pediatric and reconstructive urology, that have been requested by the association.


Starting Year 2007

Population (mil) 43

Doctors/1000 People 0.14


Pediatric Urology

Reconstructive Urology

Resident Scholars


“I have found this trip to be personally fulfilling as I spread my wings as s reconstructive urologist. Additionally, I found it inspiring to witness the Kenyan Association of Urologic Surgeons (30 surgeons in a country of 54,000,000 people), be so motivated to improve themselves and the care for their countrymen.”

Britt Zimmerman, DO
Kenya, 2012

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