What We Do

We train healthcare providers in surgical process and specific urological procedures. We use a workshop approach that builds over five years. Volunteer experts teach procedures as they treat patients. As the local surgeons gain experience, they serve patients, and they teach their peers. IVUmed volunteers return to teach more advanced procedures. The cycle continues until each country has the ability to care for complex cases.

Five billion people lack access to basic surgical care. Specialized care like urology is even harder to find. The United Nations cites lack of healthcare as a root cause of extreme poverty. Debilitating health conditions drain family resources. They prevent many throughout the world from earning a living. A child unable to attend school. A breadwinner unable to work. Family members obliged to stop working or attending school to care for a relative. These scenarios contribute to long-term poverty. Millions of people worldwide await expert care to help rebuild their lives. The answer to the shortage of surgical care is hands-on training of local personnel.

There is a dearth of urology experts in low-resource areas. For example, there are currently no fellowship trained pediatric urologists in the region. We train hundreds of doctors and nurses in Africa. They will then provide care to thousands of children and adults in need of surgical care. The need is great. Urological conditions are up to ten times more common than cleft lip and palate. Urological cancers comprise 25% of all cancers worldwide. We address the critical shortage of trained personnel.

General Urology

As rates for urological diseases such as kidney disease and bladder cancer continue to grow

Pediatric Urology Program

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Frontier Urology Education Program

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Reconstructive Urology

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Women’s Health

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Urologic Oncology

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Traveling Resident Scholars

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International Scholarships

IVUmed International Scholars have the opportunity to travel to the United States from their home