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Thanks to generous supporters like you, IVUmed reaches thousands of people each year. The service provided by our volunteers and host doctors and nurses helps rebuild lives. The surgical training you make possible will impact many more for years to come as future generations of providers benefit from your support and serve people in need.

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We’ve moved! Check out our new address.

IVUmed has moved to a new location. You can reach us at:

7984 South 1300 East

Sandy, Utah 84094

Phone: 801-524-0201


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Reaching Many in Rwanda

Three weeks of general urology, urologic oncology, and reconstructive urology training from our talented and dedicated team! Big thanks to our wonderful volunteers.

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Dr. Starosta’s View from Mongolia

The Southeastern Section of the AUA’s generous support made possible Dr. Sarah Starosta’s experience in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where she worked with local urologists and patients at State Central Hospital #1.

She writes of her experience:

“One of the things that impressed me t he most about our urologic colleagues in Mongolia is how hard they work and how dedicated they are to the field of urology. Many of them leave their country to do additional training in other countries, leaving their families often behind. They also work long hours, because the demand for urologists is high there, with rising rates of stone disease, renal cell carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma.

“The urologists, staff, and everyone with whom we interacted in Ulaanbataar was incredibly generous and inviting to Dr. Pstuka and me. They invited us to care for their patients, which is the most incredible level of trust.

“Everyone there was so wonderful to us, and I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to go on this trip, to learn so much about the practice of urology and about the delivery of care across the globe. This was an invaluable experience for me during my urology residency training.”


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Changing Lives from Chicago: How You Can Help

From Mongolia to the West Bank to the University of Chicago, Dr. Scott Eggener changes lives. His passion for urologic oncology leads him to treat patients and train colleagues throughout the world.

You can support the work of Dr. Eggener and many more worldwide by donating to the online benefit he is leading to raise funds for IVUmed’s programs. Volunteers like Dr. Eggener pay their travel expenses and donate their time and expertise. Your donation will help with the costs of supplies, nursing, local logistics, and program support.

Join Dr. Eggener’s virtual benefit here. You can help him Teach One, Reach Many.

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Putting the ‘I’ in International

The IVU workshop in Wad Medani, Sudan continues a strong collaboration. We want to thank Drs. Desai, Vijayakumar, Patel, and Pandya for traveling from India to Sudan to teach PCNL.

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Reaching Many with Music

Anna Holley of The Young Artist Chamber Players (YACP) applied her musical talent to raise awareness and funds for IVUmed. Around 50 people attended Ms. Holley’s charity violin performance on May 28th at Dumke Recital Hall at the University of Utah. Proceeds from the event will help support IVUmed’s global surgical education programs.

The (YACP) was founded by Jack Ashton in 1985. Since then, excellent string players along the Wasatch Front in Utah have enjoyed participating in this quality chamber orchestra. Through the years, the YACP has performed as part of the Governor’s concert series, in the Lobbyfest at the Utah Symphony, side-by-side with the Utah Symphony and at benefit performances. YACP takes a yearly performance tour through the state of Utah.

We are grateful for Ms. Holley’s thoughtful support. Please contact Josh Wood if you are interested in organizing a similar event.

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Bonjour from Dakar

This week a team of IVUmed volunteers is in Dakar, Senegal focusing on teaching pediatric urology and urologic oncology.

Here are a few notes from IVUmed board member and volunteer nurse, Barbara Montagnino, RN:

Bonjour from Dakar!

Everyone arrived on time as did our luggage and supplies. On Sunday we received a warm welcome from the head of department, Professor Serigne Gueye.  Our team has both pediatric and uro-oncology volunteers.  On the first day, the uro-oncologist volunteers booked several patients for surgery who have complex urological tumors.  The team also saw 22 pre-selected kids in clinic and booked 13 for surgery.  With limited time and resources for the week, we unfortunately can’t operate on all.  There are some sad cases with many families traveling from surrounding countries who were not chosen for surgery.  Hopefully the local urologists will be able to help them with their improved skills after the team is gone.

This is a multi-national workshop. There are urologists from Senegal, Morocco, Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso, Niger, Cameroon, Mauritania all in attendance.  The impact of this training will be far reaching!  The colorful IVUmed hats are a hit and a coveted item.

There is good interaction between our team and our hosts who have been welcoming to us. There is sincere willingness to learn but language is a barrier. We are all learning a few French phrases and fortunately team member Dr. Toren speaks French.

We are getting used to seeing goats on the side of the streets all over the city as well as the local mode of transportation: brightly painted van packed to the max than two or three people stand in on bumper and hanging on while texting.


You can support the team and their efforts by donating online HERE.

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IVUmed Resident Scholar, Dr. Kabra, Helps Teach Laparoscopic Nephrectomy in Trinidad

Resident:  Kabra Aashish, MD (University of Texas Health Science Center) 

Location: San Fernando, Trinidad; March 18-25, 2017

Mentor:  George Martin, MD

Sponsors:  South Central Section of the AUA


Dr. Kabra reported, “This workshop was well organized. There was so much planning, so many details, that despite limited communication before, you can tell how much effort went into it. All their residents played an active process in organizing, getting to know us, and overall setting up for a successful week. We got to know almost each one individually which was a treat. Aside from urology itself, we were able to learn so much about the country, hospital, culture, individual stories, healthcare, and urologic issues. It was great to pick their brains to compare the differences to America.

“We focused the entire week on working towards having the urologists master the laparoscopic nephrectomy.  After Dr. Martin and I presented the basic techniques from setup to dissection and extraction in the first case, we quickly transitioned to coaching Dr. Ramsoobagh and his partner through the cases. Eventually, they were performing them on their own, and it was truly amazing to see it all happen within one week. After we left, they booked additional laparoscopic cases the following week when we were gone to keep their momentum going and hopefully maintain everything they had learned. It was a true pleasure once they emailed us a few days after we left with the good news of them having finished their first laparoscopic nephrectomy on their own. I think the impact of this type of training really makes these mission trips vital, even more so than simply doing a handful of cases in that time as well. The department of urology in San Fernando can now apply everything they’ve learned for years, even generations of training, to make an extremely large, immeasurable impact.

“Through IVUmed, I now have a clear goal in sight in the next few years after I establish my own practice…to become an IVUmed mentor myself one day and contribute to these wonderful opportunities. I sincerely thank my scholarship benefactors for allowing me to have this life changing experience.  I plan to be back, and will see you hopefully as an IVUmed mentor next time! Thank you!”

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