Moment of Truth

We all sit in the conference room following surgery, another delicious lunch and lectures. As the discussion turns to the need for pediatric urology in Senegal, our host, Professor Gueye, asks who among the young doctors present wants to specialize in pediatrics. Although this part of the discussion is in French, we all understand what is being asked and what it means for our mission in senegal. Immediately, two hands go up. Then another. Then two more! This could be the beginning of something monumental.

Later that night we lighten things up by practicing clapping to the beat of the Bee Gees ‘Stayin Alive’ for Heidi’s lecture (still trying to figure that one out). I hope lives never depend on the sense of rhythm of some of our less musical team members (mainly mine).

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Clubbin’ in Dakar

As many know, the night life and music scene in Dakar are legendary…and what better way to rest up after a long day of surgery and lectures than to go to a raucus club? At least we’re learning the latest dance moves, though some of us should think about taking up lessons (or a vow to never disgrace another dance floor) prior to the next trip). “Wow wow oui wow!” Truthfully, the artists here are amazing.

The workshop continues to go well with so much participation it can be hard to squeeze around the table for a peek.

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Teaching Many (in French)

This workshop marks IVUmed’s first multi-national surgical workshop in West Africa. Physicians from at least 10 countries are in attendance, most of whom will return to their home countries following their training in Dakar. They will take with them the skills the learn from our medical volunteers. This is an excellent sit for such an exciting development. The hospital has over 25 urology residents.

The first day involved evaluating patients and planning for a very busy week. Our team will serve over 20 children, provide hands-on training to over two dozen surgeons and give multiple lectures.

One issue that has arisen during our first few days of surgery is the appearance of girls suffering from conditions that could potentially lead to their ostracism from their communities. Our team’s fellow, Regina, got emotional when realizing the amazing difference she had made in one girl’s life. “She would have been shunned,” she said, “but now she has a chance.” Our mission is to make these life-changing surgeries available to people everywhere.

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