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Applications are now being accepted for our Traveling Resident Scholar program for the 2015-2016 academic year.  North American urology residents and fellows who will be PGY-3 or above during the next academic year are eligible to apply.  For applications, please visit .  The deadline is February 1, 2015.  For more information, please contact our office at 801-524-0201.

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Mary Frances James, MD
Eastern Virginia Medical School
Nairobi, Kenya – March 3 – 13, 2012
Mentor: Dr. Kurt McCammon
Sponsored by: The Mid Atlantic Section of the AUA
Through the generous sponsorship provided by the Mid Atlantic Section of the AUA, Dr. Mary Frances James traveled to Nairobi, Kenya with mentor Dr. Kurt McCammon.  Dr. James had the opportunity to experience grassroots surgery and its value in a developing nation.

 Reporting on her experience, Dr. James stated: 

“At the time of our arrival there was a nursing strike going on throughout the city including Nazareth Hospital.  This situation was very stressful for the sisters and added strain to the daily hospital management as the patient census continued to increase each day. …Despite this ongoing struggle within the hospital we were graciously welcomed by the FIHM sisters on our arrival.”

“The operating room staff was very hospitable and allowed us to use one of the two main operating rooms.”

“The first couple of days consisted of several second stage urethroplasties…. This was a wonderful experience as it was the first time I had seen this operation.”

“Overall my IVU trip was a wonderful experience. Traveling to Africa and working within the constraints of limited resources was an eye-opening and humbling experience.  In a field such as urology that has transformed with development of robotics and minimally invasive care I think it is important to remember how different healthcare is throughout the world.  I am extremely grateful for having had this opportunity and look forward to a lifelong commitment to urologic mission work.”

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Resident Scholar Reflections

Judith Hagedorn, MD
Stanford University
Hebron, West Bank – March 15 – March 24, 2012
Mentor: Dr. Scott Eggener
Sponsored by: Verathon

Through the generous sponsorship provided by Verathon, Dr. Judith Hagedorn traveled to Hebron, West Bank with mentor Dr. Scott Eggener to learn and assist surgeries at Hebron Hospital. Although in a politically turmoiled area, Dr. Hagedorn was able to develop an understanding of the diversities in healthcare due to limited resources.

Reporting on her experience, Dr. Hagedorn stated:

“Every morning we got picked up with the Ambulance of the Hebron Hospital. Our Palestinian driver made a daily pit stop, either to get some strong Arabic coffee or freshly fried falafels. 

“The hospital was quite simple, but clean. The staff was very friendly and showed

their appreciation for our visit. In addition, the patients were overly thankful and there was never a day we didn’t leave the hospital without a small present from one of the patients’ families.

“The clinical decision-making was also quite interesting and different from what I had learned in the Western World…. I had a wonderful, eye-opening, and rewarding experience, which definitely strengthened my passion to contribute to global health, and I am already looking forward to my next international medical/surgical trip.”

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Jonathon Wu, MD
Stanford University
Hue, Vietnam – February 17 – March 4, 2012
Mentor: Dr. Walter Beh, MD
Sponsored by: The Western Section of the AUA

Through the generous sponsorship provided by the Western Section of the AUA, Dr. Jonathon Wu traveled to Hue, Vietnam with mentor Dr. Walter Beh. Dr. Wu and his mentor collaborated with Dr. Hung and his colleagues of the urology department, focusing on 19 patients with difficult cases. Dr. Wu was able to perform his first open pyelolithotomy under the supervision of a Vietnamese colleague, Dr. Tuan.
Reporting on his experience, Dr. Wu stated:

“In our two weeks of working mainly with Dr. Hung, I was very impressed by his surgical technique. Open surgery involved tediously dissecting out important structures and controlling all bleeding quickly with cautery or ligatures. He moved very quickly in the OR but was very purposeful with his movements. No suture was wasted as instrument tying was performed whenever possible. Bigger cases would often involve 2 attending surgeons intertwined in a well-rehearsed ballet.“What was even more impressive was the efficiency and resourcefulness of the hospital.
We mostly worked with Dr. Hung who has been on the urology staff for 6 years. He is quite motivated and very enthusiastic.
“This disparity was made much more obvious to us when we observed a kidney transplant on our last day.… During the course of our 2 weeks, we were able to see the kinds of needs our Vietnamese colleagues had.”
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Resident Scholar Reflections

Julie Riley, MD

University of Missouri
Hue, Vietnam – February 17 – March 4, 2012
Mentor: Dr. Walter Beh, MD
Sponsored by: South Central Section of the AUA

Through the generous sponsorship provided by the South Central Section of the AUA, Dr. Julie Riley traveled to Hue, Vietnam with mentor Dr. Walter Beh. Dr. Riley and her mentor collaborated with Vietnamese colleagues

Reporting on her experience, Dr. Riley stated:
in the urology department. During her time in Hue, Dr. Riley was able to experience the differences in international healthcare.
“I did enjoy that we were able to give daily presentations. The conversations following these topics were very interesting to further understand the culture as well as understand some of the limitations on the Vietnamese surgeons. In addition most of the Vietnamese doctors wanted improved English particularly medical English and this provided a forum for them to practice.

I feel that the experience was very positive and I look forward to continuing international urology through active patient care as well as education and support to local urologists. I am very grateful to both the South Central Section and International Volunteers in Urology for
allowing me to participate in such a remarkable program. In addition, I am very glad that I was able to experience the culture and the medicine of Vietnam and to provide the local urologists with equipment and all knowledge that I could.”
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Resident Scholar Feature

Yasmin Bootwala, MD
Emory University
Kampala, Uganda: February 5-14, 2010
Mentor: Dr. Stephen Watya
Dr. Yasmin Bootwala traveled to Kampala, Uganda to collaborate with mentor Dr. Stephen Watya and other Ugandan hosts in the provision of urological care to patients in need. Dr. Bootwala participated in 20 cases during her visit.
Dr. Bootwala’s service in Uganda was made possible by a generous grant from the Southeastern Section of the AUA.
About her experience, Dr. Bootwala stated:
IVUmed gave me the priceless opportunity to reconnect with some of my fundamental goals including using medicine as a means towards effecting social change.  I have had the good fortune to go on a number of international trips but nothing can compare to this trip.
“I met Ngozi who travelled to Kampala for her care and had been febrile with severe flank pain for multiple days.  I was present the day she was admitted and continued to follow her.  There was a lack of operating theatre space and therefore after she received a blood transfusion for anemia, had a negative HIV test, and was persistently hypotensive and ill on a large crowded open air ward, intervention became urgent.  She was taken to a small procedure room where she received local anesthesia and had a dorsal lumbotomy to evacuate an infected retroperitoneal hematoma.  She walked back from the procedure room to the ward, flooring me with her strength and lack of complaints.  Her definitive diagnosis was never known although it was highly suspicious for advanced renal cancer and she sadly passed away a week after her procedure.  She is one of the many patients who presented in an extremely advanced state of disease.  Her humility, grace and strength are imprinted in my mind.
“During a selfish time of intense training tempered by chronic fatigue, IVUmed offered me a reprieve, a chance to rekindle some of my passion for medicine.  I made lasting friendships and adopted mentors at home and abroad.  This trip is an unforgettable, exciting step in my journey to work with underserved populations and global health efforts focusing on sustainability.  I am privileged to have had this opportunity and hope to continue my involvement with IVUmed as I finish residency.”
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