Quotes from the Field: San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Our recent workshop in Honduras is the 4th feature in our “Quotes from the Field” series. With five workshops around the world, March was our busiest month to date! We’re highlighting this excellent work with quotes from IVUmed volunteer medical providers on those trips and photographs from the regions served.


Today’s Highlight:  San Pedro Sula, Honduras

Our pediatric and endo urology workshop in San Pedro Sula was lead by Rama Jayanthi, M.D.. Our IVUmed team saw 105 patients and performed 57 surgeries. They also provided training for 10 doctors and nurses.





When asked to describe a most memorable experience or insight from the trip, volunteer surgeon, Anna Staudt, M.D., responded, “The whole thing! It’s just not work at all. The people were great, compassionate and helpful.”





“This trip was an amazing experience on many levels. I learned techniques from the Honduran surgeons that I hadn’t seen before. The procedures they taught me were techniques that they had learned from other visiting urologists from Europe. This type of international exchange of knowledge was impressive.”  – Megan Schober, M.D., pediatric urologist





“There were no conflicts. We all knew we had one goal and that was follow IVU’s mission. The local staff were receptive and willing to participate at all levels of care for the children.”  – Ashay Patel, D.O., urologist

“The IVU team cohesiveness was outstanding. From the moment of landing and getting of the plane, we really gelled and that made the week run very smoothly.”  – Doug Storm, M.D., pediatric urologist





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