25 Days of IVU

Two boys waiting for surgery in Lusaka, Zambia. 2016
Photo Credit: Francis Schneck, MD

The goal of every IVU workshop is to Teach One, Reach Many. However, this transmission of knowledge goes both ways. While our volunteers depart on these trips and workshops with the goal of providing urologic healthcare, teaching and education they return home with a broadened cultural awareness and often a greater sense of purpose.

Starting November 30, come with us on a 25 day journey as we proudly reflect on our 25 year history as told through the eyes of our volunteers, and host partners. We are honored to be able to share our stories and journey with you.

We also could not do this important work without your support. Please consider a donation to help with our mission of providing urologic care, education and training in low resource areas around the world. Donate today and receive one of our beautiful photographs.