IVUmed / GURS Adult Reconstructive Surgery
Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda
June 5-10, 2023

IVUmed in partnership with University of Rwanda Teaching Hospitals will be conducting an Adult Reconstructive Surgery Workshop June 5-10, 2023 in Kigali, Rwanda and we need your support!

The treatment of urethral stricture disease as well as other complicated urologic reconstructive issues in low resource areas is complex.  Difficult presentations, limited subspecialty training and lack of specialty instruments, all contribute to poor outcomes.  Our model of collaborating with local urologic healthcare providers, enhances local practitioner expertise and independence which leads to long-term improvements in patient outcomes.

Long time IVUmed volunteer and board member, Dr. Frank Burks, Associate Professor of Urology at Oakland University William Beaumont and Dr. Hadley Wood, Professor of Urology at Cleveland Clinic will be the team leader for trip.  Joining them will be GURS fellows Dr. Liem Snyder, from the University of Utah, and Dr. Shree  Agrawa, from the Cleveland ClinicThe team will be conducting lectures and training seminars to medical trainees and healthcare providers, as well as providing life altering surgeries and care to patients in need.  Our team will also be collaborating with our Rwandan urology colleagues, led by Dr. Emmanuel Muhawenimana on the proper diagnostic workup of complex reconstructive urology disease and working with them on surgical indications for different procedure types.

We are especially appreciative of the Genitourinary Urinary Reconstructive Society (GURS) for their support of the GURS Fellows participation in this workshop.

Our IVUmed Reconstructive Urology Program has a long established relationship with our colleagues in Kigali, Rwanda. 

With experts like Drs. Burks and Wood and their team and partners like the University of Kigali Teaching Hospitals, our hope is to build healthcare capacity so that every person in Rwanda has access to quality urologic care. Your support will help us continue with our mission of closing the urologic health equity gap that exists worldwide.

International Volunteers in Urology (IVUmed) is a nonprofit with a 27-year history of closing the global urologic health equity gap by providing urologic medical care, education, training, and research mentorship to low resource areas globally. Our mission is to make quality urological care available worldwide.

Teach One, Reach Many.