IVUmed in partnership with the Department of Urology at the University of Rwanda will be conducting a Urologic Oncology Surgical Workshop in Kigali, Rwanda August 20-27, 2022, and we need your support!

Team members include Dr. Ben Davies, Board Member and Treasurer of IVUmed and Professor of Urology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr Rob Turner, Urologic Oncologist and Assistant Professor of Urology at University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, Dr. Michael Stencel, Urologic Oncology Fellow at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center, and Dr. Rand Wilcox Vander Berg, Resident Scholar and Urologic Oncology Fellow at Duke University School of Medicine.  Dr Danielle Sweeney, Executive Director of IVUmed and Ashley Van Loozen, MPAS, PA-C will also be accompanying the team on this workshop.

Urologic Oncology training workshops are one of the most requested at IVUmed.  Specifically workshops focusing on prostate cancer.  Prostate Cancer is the leading cause of cancer and cancer-related deaths among sub-Saharan African men.  In Rwanda there are no uniform screening programs or awareness campaigns related to this disease, which often leads to delayed diagnosis and late stage presentation with very poor outcomes for these men.  This team led by Dr. Davies is not only providing lifesaving care, but will also be providing much needed training and education to our partner physicians and healthcare providers in Rwanda.

Since our first IVUmed workshop 2013, we have provided over $3.7 Million dollars in medical services, trained over 260 healthcare providers ad treated over 380 patients in Rwanda.  Continue to support IVUmed programming in Rwanda!

International Volunteers in Urology (IVUmed) is a nonprofit with a 26-year history of closing the global urologic health equity gap by providing urologic medical care, education, training, and research mentorship to low resource areas globally.  We provide medical and surgical education to physicians and healthcare providers and medical treatment to thousands of children and adults.  Our mission is to make quality urological care available worldwide.

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