Day 10: Kumasi, Ghana 2019

Market in Kumasi, Ghana, 2019.
Photo Credit: Sunil Patel, MD

I came to Ghana as a non-medical support team member. My job was to help the medical team with logistics. Sometimes, that was exchanging money into local currency, grabbing bottled water for the team at the store, or in a more unusual case trying to find a replacement for some broken shoelaces. I wasn’t sure where to go to find this item, so I asked the woman working the front desk of our hotel. She graciously told me to wait 30 minutes and that she and her friends would take me to the market. We caught the local bus, and off we went for a full afternoon of laughing and shopping. At the end of the day, we celebrated our new friendship over some KFC.

Joseph Meinking
IVU Volunteer