IVU board members Drs. Scott Eggener and Christina Ching wrote an article entitled “Urologists’ Perspectives on Global Volunteerism” for AUA News. The pair began their work with IVU as Resident Scholars. Since then, they’ve led many workshops around the globe and fully invested their time, expertise, and resources into IVU’s mission.

The pair writes that IVU’s motto Teach One, Reach Many highlights “a commitment to intervening on the provider level to ensure a long-lasting impact.” The article focuses on medical providers’ increased interest in global surgery experiences. With 25 years of expertise leading surgical workshops and established relationships with hospitals around the globe, IVU is perfectly positioned to capitalize on this growing excitement.

Volunteers are the lifeblood of IVU’s global impact. Even through the pandemic, volunteers have made it possible for us to continue serving our international partners through Virtual Visiting Professor lectures. If you would like to volunteer as a Virtual Visiting Professor, please contact info@ivumed.org.

If you would like to read Dr. Ching and Eggener’s compelling article, click here. The quick read will surely leave you feeling energized to make an impact and uplifted by the dedication of so many providers to increase access to quality medical care around the globe.