An IVUmed team visited Dakar, Senegal for a pediatric urology workshop at Hospital General de Grand Yoff. Dr. Douglas Storm led the workshop and was joined by Drs. Megan Schober, Kristen Meier, & Isaac Zev Davidovich. The IVUmed team collaborated with local medical providers, including Drs. Serigne Magueye & Mohamed Jalloh, who helped organize the workshop.

The IVUmed team served children suffering from pediatric urological conditions while training local doctors and nurses. During the workshop, the team served 18 patients.

The IVUmed team ensured that they spent the week teaching local providers. Dr. Davidovich commented that “being able to discuss the cases with the local surgical resident” was one of the most memorable aspects of the trip.

The team reported that the trip was very effective. Dr. Storm commented that “we are just scratching the tip of the iceberg with these trips.” He added that “we should heavily encourage someone there with an interest in pediatric urology to pursue a formalized fellowship” and spoke with local providers in Dakar to work towards this.

Every IVUmed volunteer returned home happy. Dr. Meier beamed that the workshop was “a truly awesome experience” with “lots of interesting cases.”