Thanks to the generous support of the Society of Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine, & Urogenital Reconstruction, Dr. Kathryn Scott had a wonderful experience in Dakar, Senegal at Hospital General de Grand Yoff.

Dr. Scott shares her experience:

“I was very fortunate to spend time in Dakar, Senegal as part of the IVUmed Resident Scholar program. This trip was an eye opening experience to the extreme differences in health care throughout our world.  In one short week I saw a number of patients undergo complex surgeries and in the process gained a deep appreciation for the difference that medical mission trips can make in an area like this.

“During our first day we attended clinic, where we were welcomed by the local Urologists and Residents. We triaged a group of patients selected specifically for Dr. McCammon and scheduled our week of surgery. In contrast to clinics back home, the charts were all paper, images were the actual films, and no one had a computer. On top of conducting the whole day through the help of the local residents translating for us, this was already a clinical experience much different than that which I’m used to.

“We spent the rest of our week in the OR performing a number of complex urethroplasty cases for patients with a variety of pelvic traumas and urethral strictures. While being used to trays full of instruments at home, these procedures were accomplished with a limited number of tools. This made me appreciate the luxuries we have in the U.S. when we operate while also being impressed by the resourcefulness and almost zero waste we saw in their ORs.

“During our time at Hospital General de Grand Yoff  (HOGGY) we learned how Dr. Jalloh, the local attending Urologist, has been learning to perform these complex procedures through continued trips by IVUmed. With what he has learned from IVUmed he has continued to perform cases like these throughout the year and is now teaching them to his own residents. It was truly inspiring to see that just investing a weeks’ worth of time each year has had such a profound effect for the HOGGY hospital and the people of Dakar.

“My time in Senegal was truly a life-changing event. I was exposed to a new and exciting part of Urology – the international service side. The week taught me many things and left me wanting to learn even more! I was moved by the extreme gratefulness of not just the patients, but the hospital staff and doctors as well. This is an area in which you can easily see the huge difference being made in the lives of many by just volunteering your time and skills as Dr. McCammon does. It is something that I hope to make a part of my practice in  the future and encourage others to do the same.”