Drs. Eric Richter (urologist) and Edward Cobb (anesthesiologist) led general urology workshops at Fort Portal Government Regional Hospital and Mount Elgon Hospital in Uganda from October 26-November 10, 2018. Dr. Richter has led several IVUmed teams before and served as the team leader. The IVUmed team collaborated with local medical providers, including Dr. Fred Kirya, who helped organize the workshop.

Drs. Richter, Kirya, and Cobb served a multitude of patients, ranging from two-days-old to 90-years-old. They saw 86 patients, performed 51 surgeries, trained 21 doctors, and instructed six nurses. They would have operated on even more patients, but there was a lack of blood for possible simple prostatectomies.

Among others, Dr. Richter worked with two residents who traveled to Uganda from Tanzania for the workshop at Mount Elgon Hospital. He said training them was “very enjoyable and rewarding” and that they “were very interested in improving their endoscopic skills and TURP.”

The workshop at Fort Portal Government Regional Hospital was very busy. It was well publicized and there were many patients to see. Dr. Richter reported that they could have done cases for a few weeks and suggests that future IVUmed teams arrive a day earlier. He also reported that there is an anesthesiologist program at Fort Portal Government Regional Hospital and that those in the program seemed to learn a lot from Dr. Cobb.

Pleased with his experience, Dr. Richter said, “as always it is an amazing opportunity to conduct the workshops. Great satisfaction providing patient care and working with local medical staff. I look forward to continuing and growing my relationship with them.”