The Southeastern Section of the AUA’s generous support made possible Dr. Sarah Starosta’s experience in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia, where she worked with local urologists and patients at State Central Hospital #1.

She writes of her experience:

“One of the things that impressed me t he most about our urologic colleagues in Mongolia is how hard they work and how dedicated they are to the field of urology. Many of them leave their country to do additional training in other countries, leaving their families often behind. They also work long hours, because the demand for urologists is high there, with rising rates of stone disease, renal cell carcinoma and urothelial carcinoma.

“The urologists, staff, and everyone with whom we interacted in Ulaanbataar was incredibly generous and inviting to Dr. Pstuka and me. They invited us to care for their patients, which is the most incredible level of trust.

“Everyone there was so wonderful to us, and I am extremely grateful that I had the opportunity to go on this trip, to learn so much about the practice of urology and about the delivery of care across the globe. This was an invaluable experience for me during my urology residency training.”