A team of 12 IVUmed volunteer doctors and nurses returned this weekend from a workshop in Pignon, Haiti.  While there, they trained eight Haitian urologists and treated 17 patients.  The focus of this workshop was on adult male reconstructive urology.

This trip was the 8th workshop in the training series.  The volunteer experts conducting the workshops have seen improvement in the capacities of the local surgeons each year.  These teams have been led by devoted volunteer Dr.Henri Lanctin.  Dr. Lanctin commented: “Our IVUmed – Project Haiti workshops have now trained 30 Haitian Urologists, Gynecologists and residents. Many have been present for multiple workshops.  After this week a total of 57 urethral reconstruction procedures have been done. We are encouraged by the improving surgical skills, and number of cases being performed by several of the repeat attendees.”

Also in attendance at the workshop was a newly hired urology nurse, who has been funded by Societie Internationale d’Urologie to work at  L’Hopital de l’Universite d’Etat D’Haiti (HUEH), the main hospital of the public university medical school in Haiti.  During the week she had the opportunity to work with the volunteer team and learn during lectures and hands-on surgical cases.  With a dedicated and well-trained urology nurse, the urology program in Haiti will be greatly benefited.