IVUmed Resident Scholar Nathan Hale, MD — Deschapelles, Haiti

The generous support of the Latin American Perpetual Education Fund made possible Dr. Nathan Hale’s IVUmed scholarship experience in Deschapelles, Haiti. During his time with mentor Robert Edelstein, MD, Dr. Hale participated in a surgical workshop focusing on general urology, serving over 200 patients.

Nathan Hale, MD

Nathan Hale, MD

After returning from the workshop, Dr. Hale reported, “I am so thankful that I was able to participate in this mission to Haiti. My opportunity to do this was only made possible by the generous donors who fund IVUmed. I thank you and want you to know of the change you are making in the lives of the patients treated, their families, and the members of each IVUmed team. Through IVUmed, we all become beacons of hope.

He continued, “I would like to share some of one patient’s words: ‘There really are no better words to say than thank you. A deeper concern invaded us and even plunged us into despair (we totally lost hope). The tears kept flowing from our eyes until the day of surgery. While I was in the recovery room, my wife asked you this question, ‘Do you think he will be Ok?’ You said he should. From that word, our worries started flying away and we took force. I can only say, ‘Thank you and all of your team.’ After the operation, I came from death to life.’ In the email were pictures of his road to recovery, and he looked like a new man. As I read the email, my heart swelled with joy to know the difference we made in this man’s life and in the lives of his family. I also realized that we had become this man’s beacon of hope.”

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