Team returns from Rwanda

A pediatric urology team worked in Kigali, Rwanda last week.  Stay tuned for reports from another successful mission!


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Father’s Day Tribute

June 16, 2013 is Father’s Day. A day symbolized by shiny cuff links, new neckties, or a 52″ flat screen television delivered to the front door. Americans spend 9.4 billion dollars on Father’s Day gifts each year, which is a lot of cuff links and greeting cards.

To celebrate a father’s hard work and commitment to family this year, we can consider alternatives. Millions of fathers around the world are unable to provide for their children due to serious medical conditions. Many of these diseases are treatable, but quality care is widely unavailable.
Two billion people across the world lack access to surgical care. IVUmed addresses this need through surgical education. Through our reconstructive and general urology workshops, IVUmed helps to provide fathers globally with the health and opportunity to provide for their families.
With your contribution in honor of a beloved father, husband, grandfather, uncle or brother, we can continue our mission of creating a lasting impact on families worldwide.
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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.