IVUmed Traveling Scholars 2013-2014

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IVUmed is pleased to announce the 2013-2014 Traveling Resident Scholars. We would like to thank all of our wonderful applicants, sponsors, and program directors for their outstanding support!


Resident School Scholarship Sponsor
Monty Aghazadeh, MD Baylor College of Med.
South Central Section, AUA
Ardavan Akhavan, MD U. of Washington Verathon
Herman Bagga, MD UC San Francisco Western Section, AUA
Moira Dwyer, MD U. of Pittsburgh Northeastern Section of the AUA
Brooke Edwards, MD Eastern Virginia MS SUFU
Olufenwa Famakinwa, MD U. of Chicago North Central Section, AUA
Matthias Hofer, MD Northwestern University North Central Section, AUA
Lawrence Jenkins, MD U. of Miami, FL Southeastern Section, AUA
Rena Malik, MD U. of Chicago Resident Scholar Alumni Fund
Marc Manganiello, MD Lahey Clinic Endo
James Masterson, MD Naval Medical Center Western Section, AUA
Nicolas Ortiz, MD U. of Miami, FL Southeastern Section, AUA
Janae Preece, MD U. of Maryland Mid-Atlantic Section, AUA
Courtney Shepard, MD U. of Alabama-Birmingham Southeastern Section, AUA
Samit Soni, MD Baylor College of Med.
Chesapeake Urology
Jack Zuckerman, MD Eastern Virginia MS LAPEF


We would like to thank all those who applied and we encourage you to apply next year.

Stay tuned to see where our resident scholars travel and reflect on their experiences. If you will be at the upcoming AUA Meeting in San Diego, please stop by our booth #3151 to put a ribbon on your conference badge to represent IVUmed!



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Visit IVUmed at AUA 2013


IVUmed will be at the American Urological Association Conference in San Diego, CA in less than two weeks. Please stop by our booth at the conference, 3151, directly behind Olympus and Lilly.

We look forwarding to seeing you!


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IVUmed team in Kumasi reaches many throughout Ghana

Bright, one of the children treated during the IVUmed workshop.

Bright, one of the children treated during the IVUmed workshop.

The IVUmed workshop in Kumasi, Ghana serves as a great example of our mission in action. The pediatric team, which has been in Ghana since April 8th, is led by board member Fran Schneck, MD. The team of six has served 44 children in need of urological care while working closely with the urology and nursing staff at Komfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH).

Our Ghanaian partners, led by Chief of Urology, Ken Aboah, MD, have put together a full agenda. Dr. Aboah invited urologists from throughout Ghana to attend the workshop. The patients, too, have traveled from far away, some from northern Ghana, including Tomale, to receive the quality care they need. Together, we serve children in need while building local capacity to care for even more children in the future.

The IVUmed team is working closely with the anesthesiology group from the University of Utah, which has provided invaluable service and collaboration. The anesthesiologists, led by Drs. Jeff Peters, Mark Harris and Scott Junkins, have provided anesthesia in one of the operating rooms during the workshop while organizing a conference on pain and related topics.

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IVUmed partner in Mongolia receives national award


Mongolia, a place where the number of horses in the country is greater than humans, there is still a need for surgical education.  Dr. Batsukh Demberelnyambuu, more familiar to IVUmed as Deegii, was recently awarded the “Mongolian Great Young Doctor, 2013” by the nation’s leader, President Elbegdorj. Deegii has excelled in hypospadias procedures and attributes many of her skills to surgical training workshops with IVUmed since 2006:

“All my successful work started with your team’s help. IVUmed gives us opportunity. They come, they teach, and they are able to help us with many challenging cases. It is a good opportunity for me to strengthen my skills. I try to learn more from the volunteer urologists at each annual workshop. I am now 33 years old and I have worked as a pediatric urologist since 2006.”

Deegii’s interest in medicine started at a very young age. Her passion stems from the unfortunate loss of both her father and brother to cancer. After completing medical school, she chose to enter pediatric surgery as a specialty. Traveling to Switzerland, Austria and Korea for training, Deegii returned to Mongolia with many skills. There was a position open at the main pediatric surgical center in Mongolia, however Deegii was discriminated against as a female surgeon. Fortunately, the chief of urology recognized Deegii’s advanced skill set and offered her a position for further specialized training in pediatric urology. Due to the training of the chief urology surgeon and their relationship with IVUmed, Deegii now practices as one of only 4 pediatric urologists for 3 million people in Mongolia.


The need for surgical care is increasing globally, which leads to the increasing need for properly trained surgeons in all specialties. IVUmed is grateful to contribute to growing programs and motivated physicians like Deegii that truly make a difference in an entire nation.

For more information in our current efforts and history in Mongolia, please go here.


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World Health Day 2013

World Health Day is celebrated on April 7th to mark the anniversary of the founding of WHO in 1948. Since its inception over 60 years ago, the World Health Organization has recognized several key issues in world health, followed by many successes to battle these issues.

Communicable disease has always been a primary focus of the WHO, which has resulted in a dramatic decline in child and maternal mortality, AIDS, malaria and several others. These accomplishments provide evidence for the power of unified efforts. So, what’s next?

Across the spectrum of global health professionals, many now know the answer. A stirring issue has finally reared its large, ugly head. This being the need for global surgery. The now well-known  “tagline” for global surgery as the “neglected step-child of public health”  is not far from the truth.

Two billion people across the world need surgery, right now. This staggering statistic does not include the deaths that result from lack of essential surgery. Injuries needing surgical care result in over 5 million deaths worldwide each year.  Although decreases in maternal and child mortality are continuing, there are still 300,000 women dying each year during childbirth.

Of those two billion individuals living with a life-altering condition, many of them do not have the opportunity to provide for a family or even create a family due to lack of physical ability or social stigma. Urological conditions are often not discussed or cared for due to the lack of local community-based education or surgical education. IVUmed helps change this. Through medical education, IVUmed provides local urologists and other medical professionals  with the capabilities to properly treat hypospadias, vesico-vaginal fistula, bladder extrophy and several other pediatric and adult urologic conditions. With our help, local medical professionals can provide a new life for members of the community.

This is the change that needs to occur worldwide. Increasing the capabilities of surgeons on a global scale creates momentum towards accomplishing our goal of providing proper healthcare to all people.

To learn more about what we do and how we do it, explore our website.

To be apart of the conversation for the need for global surgery, explore these links:

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575835_488199541233526_1657897211_nThe University of Utah’s Center for Global Surgery hosted their second annual conference, “Extreme Affordability – Multidisciplinary Solutions for Surgical Care”. The number of engineers, surgeons, public health professionals and lawyers in attendance increased from the first year. These innovative professionals brought a multitude of projects, ideas and products that have created momentum for the changes in surgical care needed today.

To witness the live twitter feed from the conference, please visit here.

Photos from the conference can be found here.

Please stay tuned to watch videos of the speakers at the conference.



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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.