IVUmed develops partnership with SIU and Nigerian Center of Excellence

SIUIVUmed is collaborating with SIU (Societe Internationale D’Urologie) to further improve the skills and surgical capacity of current SIU Training Centers. This partnership will join two efforts that focus on the need for urological surgery education worldwide.

As IVUmed continues to expand globally, this partnership with SIU acknowledges our growth as we earn a seat at the table among leaders in global health and development.

For more information about the upcoming collaboration and workshop, please visit here.

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Hi from Haiti Part II

After transferring to Visa Lodge, a hotel near the airport, we connected with the rest of the team: Gary Yurina, CRNA, Shu Lan PA,AA, Sandra Blake, CRNA, Sarah Bonsselot, BSN, Megan Cleland, BSN, Pat Lanctin and Derrick Black. We had a greet and planning dinner meeting that evening.

Monday morning we flew with the Missionary Aviation Fellowship (MAF) in a 9 passenger Caravan and a 5 passenger Cessna to Pignon. The short flight saves a long drive over slowly improving roads. Upon arrival in Pignon, we settled into the dorm and headed directly to the hospital where we organized our equipment and familiarized ourselves. We performed 2 flexible cystoscopies on patients that needed further evaluation following their radiological studies in Port, and evaluated the remaining local patients.

With another last minute addition the workshop was attended by 7 Haitian urologists: Dr.Gaby Nelson from Les Cayes, Dr.Jean-Marie Aubourg from Port, who also works at Laogane, Dr.Mitelot Clerivil from Hopital General (HUEH) in Port, Dr.Reginald Louis-Jacques from Saint Marc, Dr.Labranche Luc Guerlentz from HUEH, Dr.Garconville Adler from Jacmel and Dr.Youry Dreux from HUEH. They represented about 1/3 of all urologists in the country. They were very engaged in the teaching with great questions and participation. We had them participate in surgery as much as their level of capability would allow. Several demonstrated advanced skills and they benefited greatly from working with the reconstructive urologists. Teaching this number of urologists was facilitated by the teaching capabilities available at Hopital Bienfaisance Pignon, especially the in-light cameras which allowed them to follow the surgery through the large flat screen monitors.

From Tuesday to Friday we performed 12 urethroplasties (5 were repeat urethroplasties and 2 had their 3rd reconstructive procedure). Most were complicated and lengthy. We also performed a meatoplasty on a completely obliterated meatus from lichen sclerosis, and a pyelolithotomy for a partial staghorn calculus on a lady who had experienced pain for 11 years. We also elected to do a visual internal urethrotomy on a patient who had a previous suprapubic prostatectomy for BPH and had a dense stricture in very close proximity to the membranous urethra. If he remains continent, we will do a urethroplasty on a future trip.

There were no intraoperative or immediate postoperative complications. The average blood loss was 406cc with maximum of 500cc. All patients were discharged on post op day 2 except for 1 who had a fever which settled with antibiotics.

The anesthesia team, Gary, Sandra and Shu performed extremely well and in addition to providing high level anesthesia they worked well with the Haitian anesthesia students and provided valuable training. They taught them to use the newly donated Glidescope which was unanimously felt to be a valuable addition to the OR and will contribute to patient safety.

The preop and postop patient evaluations were greatly augmented with the use of a donated uroflow and bladder scanner. We also heavily utilized the donated flexible cystoscope, especially with the posterior urethroplasties.

The days were long but, the team functioned well as a unit. We did stress the capabilities of the hospital and OR, however, the staff rose to the occasion and other than interruptions for 2 emergency Cesarean sections, the week went smoothly. Although we utilized primarily the Haitian OR staff, Pat was an invaluable member of the team with her organizational skills and her attentive care of the delicate instruments like the flexible cystoscope. Also, the 2 nurses, Megan and Sarah assisted with PACU care, allowing the surgeons to focus their attention on surgery.

Derrick accomplished his goal of familiarizing himself with our goals and operations in Haiti. He will be a valuable member of the team in the future with his fund raising and grant writing skills.

We evaluated and made arrangements for a 6 month old with disorder of sexual differentiation to be seen by a US pediatric urology team who will be in Port in 3 weeks.

Megan and Sarah also gave lectures to the hospital nursing staff on hypertension, diabetes and asthma. These were well attended and there were many questions. Having Sandra on the team (fluent in Creole) was immensely valuable.

Despite fatigue, the team members were unanimous in their desire to return on future Project Haiti/IVUmed trips, a tribute to their dedication and generous humanitarian spirit. We came away with many ideas and requests from the Haitian urologists for future projects to meet their educational and technological needs. We continue to learn from and form lasting bonds with our Haitian colleagues. We have deep respect for how much they are able to accomplish with their limited resources.

Henri P.Lanctin, MD, FACS
Vice President, Project Haiti,Inc.

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Hi From Haiti

Updates directly from our traveling physicians hosting a workshop in Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

March 2013

Team consisting of Dr. Joe Babiarz, Dr.Joe Costa, Dr. Dan Rosenstein, Dr.Frank Burks, Dr. Greg McLellan and Dr. Henri Lanctin arrived in Port-au-Prince Friday, March 1 mid-afternoon. We all had smooth pick up and transportation to our accommodation, the rather plush Hotel Montana, a Haitian landmark hotel which was severely damaged during the earthquake, but recently re-opened.

An evening symposium was held at the hotel conference room sponsored by Natalie Handal from the Haitian pharmaceutical brokerage company, Villendrouin. This was moderated be Dr. Pierre Boncy (Chief of Urology, University Hospital of Haiti) and Dr. Claude Paultre, (President of the Haitian Urological Society).  In attendance were 80-100 invited Haitian physicians, health providers and health administrators. After opening remarks by Ms. Handal, Dr. Boncy, Dr. Lanctin, and a pre- recorded greeting from Dr. Catherine deVries, (President, IVUmed) the session began with a session on vesico-vaginal fistulas by Dr. Valerio Vitel-Herne (Chief of Department of Academic Affairs MIJ, State Clinic Maternity Hospital Isaire Jeante) and Dr .Babiarz. The results of our series of our first 21 VVF repairs were presented by Dr. J.J. Batsch (General Secretary of Haitian Society of Ob/Gyn). After an animated and informative question and answer session, the session was was completed with talks on female urinary incontinence by Dr.Burks and management of urethral stricture disease by Dr. Rosenstein. Feedback was overwhelmingly positive and this this was exemplified by the 2 Haitian urologists that asked if they could join us for the surgical workshop in Pignon (in addition to the previously scheduled 4).

Saturday morning, bright and early, we started seeing a combination of post-op patients from previous workshops and pre-op for the upcoming workshop in Pignon. After seeing the patients, evaluating those that didn’t have adequate radiological imaging with RUGS and cystograms (challenging with static films) and working with the residents to teach how this is done (Dr. McLellan was awesome!), we scheduled 10 patients to make the trip to Pignon.  Starting at noon, we delivered lectures to 10-12 residents and urologists of pelvic floor prolapse (Dr. Costa) and prostate cancer (Dr. Lanctin). These sessions were interactive and well received by our Haitian colleagues.

The day was completed with a tour of Hopital Espoir by Dr. Youry Dreux. This is a private hospital, built with US backing and well equipped and staffed. Would serve very well for future teaching cases, especially pediatrics.  The evening was special with lively conversation regarding future endeavors and evaluation of our progress to date. We were joined by Dr. Boncy and his lovely wife, Marie Therese, who started a school in Port after the earthquake as the large school where she taught never re-opened.

Sunday morning Dr. Boncy was kind enough to take Drs. Lanctin and McLellan on a tour of several private hospitals, Fondation Clinque Maternite de Petionville, an 8 bed hospital with 2 operating rooms, and Canapé Vert Hopital, the first private hospital in Haiti, and a major post earthquake medical center. We stopped at his house in Petionville for some of his wife’s wonderful lemonade cake.

All for now

Henri Lanctin, MD

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IVUmed Founder and President Receives Distinguished Service Award


Catherine deVries, MD
IVUmed Founder and President

Earlier this month, the Society for Urodynamics, Female Pelvic Medicine and Urogenital Reconstruction (SUFU) awarded Catherine deVries, MD, IVUmed Founder and president, with the Distinguished Service Award during its annual meeting in Las Vegas.

This award honors Dr. deVries’ commitment to service throughout her career. In 1995, Dr. deVries started IVUmed, formerly International Volunteers in Urology, at her kitchen table in Augusta, Ga. Her mission to bring urological care and education has resulted in the success of IVUmed today.

The Society for Urodynamics and Female Urology  seeks  improvements in urology through basic and applied clinical research in urodynamics and neurourology, voiding function and dysfunction, female urology and pelvic floor dysfunction, and to disseminate and teach these concepts. As a membership based organization, SUFU leads members through providing professional development and resources.

Currently, IVUmed is the leading organization dedicated to building urology capacity in resource-poor areas of the world. In 2012, IVUmed partnered with 13 countries to address the global need for patient care and professional training in many fields of urology.  With Dr. deVries’ guidance and dedication, the organization’s training-driven focus provides urologists and other medical professionals around the world the opportunity for sustainable education.

The dedication to service trained medical professionals have is changing the dynamic of global healthcare today. Dr. deVries and several others are leading the way for global access and training for proper healthcare.

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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.