A Message from Our President



As 2013 is shaping up, IVUmed continues to develop its signature educational activities and partnerships around the world.  Future resident scholars have just submitted their applications for mentored international rotations in low resource countries.  Since 1999, IVUmed has introduced more than 170 trainees from 75 different North American training programs to colleagues in resource constrained countries, where they learn not only about disease process, but about how our partners abroad approach urological care.  Supported by both AUA sections and industry, it is a true collaboration for the benefit of our young colleagues.

Moro1This year, two new partnerships have also been announced.  The Societe Internationale d’Urologie (SIU) and IVUmed will develop on-site continuing education opportunities for SIU Fellows in their own countries.  This will support the scholars as they incorporate what they have learned from their studies into their practices.   And the AUA will partner with IVUmed in supporting research on educational and clinical outcomes of long-term global collaborations.


Our new partnerships for research and education will support IVUmed’s commitment to “Teach one, Reach Many.”   We welcome your voice and input as members of our vibrant community and hope to hear from you this year. And with over 20 surgical workshops and events slated for 2013, there are many safe, effective opportunities to make a real impact on the availability of quality urological care worldwide.





Warm regards,


Catherine deVries, MD


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IVUmed is committed to making quality urological care available to people worldwide.