Mongolia 2010

Thanks to the generous support of our volunteers and donors, we have completed our third joint pediatric and general urology workshop in Mongolia. Volunteers trained medical personnel at State Central Hospital #1 and the Maternal and Child Hospital in Ulaanbaatar. The workshop brought together a highly skilled and dedicated multinational partnership with the shared goal of enhancing the quality and availability of urological training and care in Mongolia. The workshop served 60 children and adults while providing training for over 30 Mongolian physicians and nurses.

After successfully completing prior workshops, training at both hospitals has now advanced to include more complex procedures specifically tailored to be performed in Mongolia. This included advanced cystectomies and laparoscopic nephrectomies at the adult hospital. While building upon previous trainings, the goal is to help our Mongolian medical partners become independent in delivering much needed urological care.

Heather LeMelle, IVUmed’s Operations Coordinator, joined this year’s team and shares about her experience: “The Mongolian children have a trust beyond my imagination for the doctors and nurses within the walls of the OR. This is an experience of a lifetime. To my wonder and amazement, just hours after surgery, these little ones would smile at me. I witnessed the teaching of the procedures between colleagues and the devotion of the entire Mongolian and US team while breaking through language barriers. I am honored to have participated.”

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