Honduras Workshop 2008

I always wax philosophical as we approach the end of an IVU-Med workshop. So many tragically deformed children treated but oh so many left who are in need. As is so often the case I find that I seem to learn as much as I teach and that the reward I receive personally far outweighs anything that I provide.

This trip is very exciting since our local peds surgeons/urologists continue to prove their interest, dedication and thirst for work. Other than lacking the materials, diagnostic aids and specialized colleagues and nurses their skills are impressive. It must be difficult for them to realize how challenging the lack of funds and hospital support stifles their efforts.

The other excitement is the presence of Founder Dr. C. Devries on the mission. I stand in awe of the woman´s brilliance as a physician and visionary who has accomplished great things in a short time. She provides the means for so many to obtain life altering and often life saving care which previously was only a dream. I thank her particularly for giving me and so many others the chance to give back. As one anesthesiologist said in response to the ubiquitous poverty “I wake every day and remind myself that I have won the lottery”. I have begun a campaign to have our founder canonized Saint Catherine of Salt Lake. Sadly me efforts have been unappreciated by the powers that be.

How has this trip been? Consider a great group of comrades all energized and tireless, incredible pathology and all day OR time, a tropical environment and the chance to help so many chilren needing our services. What’s not to like!?!? The real currency however comes from the smiling faces of the moms and kids being treated. They consider the presence of IVU a miracle. Thank you St. Catherine. Thanks also th our super Docs and nurses and to our Honduran hosts who always make me feel at home. Lily you are a wonderful childlife resource and have an unlimited potential to achieve greatness.


John Gazak

~Ann Spencer

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