Final Report

Dear Friends,

Our trip is over and I find the time and energy to write a final entry. A small group of us spent six intense days working together. Many of us did not know each other, but we came together, formed a tight knit group, and worked well as a team. All of our days were very long, leaving the hotel at 6:45 am and not returning until about 8:00 pm that evening. Who at home could work twelve to fourteen hour shifts six days straight? Not me 🙂Above is the line of patients waiting to be screened on our first day at the hospital. I do not have the actual numbers of patients screened but more showed then anticipated. The day was very hot and humid. People waited very patiently and the children were well behaved. No tears or misbehaving on their part, their need for treatment was very obvious and well appreciated.

As you can see above, our Honduras OR is very similar to our OR rooms at home. The equipment is a bit older, but so are the volunteers on this trip. Some of this equipment was used back in the good old days of our training. There was no problem figuring out how to use it!The electrical wiring was a bit questionable but worked just fine. No power outages this trip! As an OR nurse, it is my job to keep the room running smoothly and keeping all happy.Keeping in touch with your home base was another important part of this team. Here is a great image of our Catherine balancing home in Salt Lake with work in the OR on her Blackberry.

On the last night at dinner, each of us guessed the number of surgeries done on this trip. The official number is still unknown, as is the grand prize or the winner

In closing I would like to thank all the members of this team for a wonderful trip. I will miss you all. This team blended their talents together well and the final numbers should prove this statement.

My greatest respects to you all,


~Ann Spencer

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