Roadside market on the way to Kumasi

~Stephanya Shear

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Back to American Medicine

My first day back and a bit of craziness. My mailbox is full of administrative things to take care of that require thier “Chief’s” approval. Acquainting myself with a new set of patients (I missed a busy Pedicatric week) and my 7 am conference took a few hours this am. The jet lag is not too bad, I just feel a little tired – then again it might have been the snow I shoveled this monring at 5am. In a few hours of busy work, Ghana seem so far away. I am carrying around in my white coat a patient card- just to show people that I was there and we did operate all those days. Plus I remind myself of what we all accomplished over the week.

Now back to daily labs, post operative epidurals, and multiple cather options- none of which existed in Ghana.

I down loaded all 415 pictures I took in Ghana. My last few posts will be pictures only. Now that we are all back, you don’t need me to tell you the stories.

Thanks for reading.

Goodbye and Stay Healthy.


~Stephanya Shear

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